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Import Overpayment Refunds to Xero

xero overpayments

You will need to create a service item in your inventory for refunds to create credit note sales that are not linked to a specific product or service sold by your organisation. Overpayment received from any customer must be treated precisely, otherwise, it would bring unwanted trouble in accounting and tax calculation. You may choose to refund it or adjust in future invoices. Whatever the choice would be, Xero will help you manage your overpayment without any mess. Use a credit balance adjustment to apply the overpayment as a payment to subsequent invoices. Xero Bank Transactions allows you to retrieve one or many bank transactions.

xero overpayments

The first seven days of replication, beginning when data is first replicated, are free. Rows replicated from the new integration during this time won’t count towards your quota. Stitch offers this as a way of testing new integrations, measuring usage, and ensuring historical data volumes don’t quickly consume your quota.

Payment platforms

Details about the invoices the prepayment has been allocated against. Details about the invoices the overpayment has been allocated against. The currency rate for a multicurrency overpayment. Details about the line items contained in the overpayment.

From there, use the drop-down labelled ‘Spent as’ or ‘Received as’ to select Overpayment. From the ‘Spent as’ or ‘Received as’ drop-down, select Overpayment. Check the box next to the invoice or bill you want to match the payment to in the usual way. Once saved, use it to pay another invoice or match to a refund. Manage authentication to your APIs with HTTP requests OAuth, JWT , and API keys, and selectively return data in either JSON or flat files. A result set from ConnectWise contains more than one purchase order.

Xero Tip Of The Month June 2017 – Payment Types In Xero

You will not need to create any further transactions in ConnectWise. Wise-Pay created Overpayments will also sync as payments to ConnectWise as is the case for Pre-Payments created directly in the Accounting Package. But the amount to be adjusted and yet to be refunded will be shown under the profit and loss account, will be liable to be charged under tax rules.

xero overpayments

The currency rate for a multicurrency purchase order. Details about the line items contained in the purchase order. An additional reference number for the purchase order. The ID xero overpayments of the invoice the prepayment is being allocated against. The ID of the invoice the overpayment is being allocated against. The amount of the overpayment that has been applied.

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